Natural remedies to help maintaining healthy menstrual cycle

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In this busy running schedule, everybody is facing some sort of health issues. Some are going through obesity some are suffering from diabetes,  hypotension or hypertension and what not. And when it comes to a woman’s concern, it is not any different. Being a women only is a great responsibility on its own. You have to take care of your family, job, house and in between we forget to take care of ourselves. Today menstrual problems are the primary issues which 3 out of every 5 women go through. First of all, when can it be said to a problem-

  •  You are not pregnent but still you don’t bleed for more than 90 days.
  • Your periods become erratic after having been regular
  • You bleed for more than seven days
  • You bleed more heavily than usual or soak through more than one pad or tampon every hour or two
  • Your periods are less than 21 days or more than 35 days apart
  • You bleed between periods
  • You develop severe pain during your period.

If you observe these symptoms you can try these natural remedies to improve or maintain your menstrual health.

Ginger- To induce periods (consult your physician before intake)

Celary- Induces periods.

Green tea-



Pineapple, Mango


Beans- Being rich in protein, essential vitamins and minerals including zinc, iron,  helps restore body balance.

Banana- Rich in potassium and is a good source of vitamin B6 and other vitamins most needed during periods.

Egg- It is one of the most fertile foods. It is a wholesome meal.

Avocados- Helps to balance the hormones and benefit female reproductive organs. It is a great source of therapeutic fats.

Green Leafy vegetables- They are rich in iron which is required by the body while menstruating.

Also if you experience excessive pain or cramps avoid consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Light exercises or yoga help regulate menstruation and reduces cramps. Take hot water baths. To relieve body aches try acupuncture.



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