2 Podcasts About Earn Extra Cash Growing Trees in Your Backyard

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Today, there are more ways to make money growing trees than ever before. High-value trees and tree crops have enabled small growers to make money even if they have only a small backyard for growing trees


It is all about growing tiny trees, and has become even more popular as more and more folks move to the city, where they have little or no yard space, but still want to have greenery growing in their apartment or condo. A bonsai tree, a miniature version of a larger tree, such as a beech, elm or pine, can fit almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Prices of bonsai trees are high, whether for mature trained trees or ‘starter’ untrained trees, and can bring huge markups to growers. For example, bare-root seedlings can be purchased for as little as Rs 50  and re-sold for Rs 3500 when trained and potted.

native-nursery-june-2011Native Tree Nursery:

These are in demand today, thanks to renewed interest by homeowners and groups that support sustainable native landscaping. In many areas, regulations require planting native, rather than non-native species of trees and other plants on public lands. By offering trees that are native to a region, growers can find a ready market and eager customers, from retail buyers who are purchasing trees for their own property, to large restoration, reclamation and mitigation projects that may use hundreds of trees and other native plants

149-Willow-Tree-StadsparkWillow Trees:

The willow has become a real money-maker for those who understand the many uses for the tree beyond its traditional use as a landscape tree. Twig furniture, woven from young willow branches, is in demand, and a single chair can bring over 10,00. Basket weavers love the flexible shoots for weaving and growers can now plant trees that produce a rainbow of bark colors, which weavers pay a premium price for. Selling willow cuttings, which root easily in most soils, is another income producer for willow growers


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