15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Chiku

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IMG_20160201_111626About Chikoo (Chickoo or Sapodilla Fruit)

Generally, Chikoo is known by the people as chikoo. Most of the people are not familiar by the name of chikoo as “Sapota”. Chikoo is very yummy, sweet, delicate and calorie loaded fruit belongs to the category of mango, banana or jack. Chikoo is also famous as Noseberry, Mudapples, Sapodilla plum and Chickoo Sapota

Sapodilla is easily available in many countries like Central America, Southern Mexico, the Caribbean, Vietnam, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bangladesh, Maldives, Indonesia, Belize and India. When it is unripe it has very hard surface and white pulp because of the high latex content. Its latex content gradually lessens as it ripens. It contains simple sugars such as the fructose and sucrose which are the source of energy in it. It grows in hot climate and takes around 5 to 8 years to get mature. Chikoo tree yields chikoo fruit two times a year.

This brown colored fruit contain 2 to 5 black and shiny seeds in the middle portion. It promotes good health when eaten with skin. It can also be taken as milkshakes, juice or ice creams. Somewhere it is used to make syrup for medicinal purpose.

Earlier I was not used of eating chikoo, but when I know its nutritional benefits, immediately I started eating chikoo in its seasons and felt its all beneficial aspects on my own.

Benefits Of Chikoo

  1. Chikoo is very rich in fiber, and thus behaves as a Laxative. So, consumption of chikoo is good for digestion and gastritis. A mixture of Chikoo with a pinch of salt is used as a treatment for constipation. So, it helps in promoting weight loss and prevents obesity.
  1. Chikoo helps in preventing the occurrence of Colon Cancer, Oral cavity andLung Cancer. Fibre present in Chikoo protects the mucous membrane in the Colon from Cancer.
  1. Vitamins, Minerals and sugars like sucrose and fructose present in Chikoo energize the body, provide resistance against pathogens and help in destroying free radicals. Vitamin A helps in maintaining good vision and healthy skin.
  1. Chikoo consists of Tannins which act like a medicine to hemorrhoids.
  1. Not only the fruit, but also its leaves are used as medicine to reduce inflammation. After taking fresh leaves and boiling them in water for ten minutes, leaves are separated and water is consumed. This water can also be used for gargling.
  1. Chikoo has haemostatic quality which helps in preventing the loss of blood duringpiles and injuries.
  1. Consumption of Chikoo helps in reducing bacterial and viral infections, and also helps in ease of pain and muscle spasms.. It acts as a medicine for cold andcough. It helps in removing blockage of nose.
  1. Chikoo acts as natural sedative helps in reducing stress and relaxation of nerves. It is considered to be a best natural anti-depressant. It acts as a medicine forinsomnia, anxiety and panic disorders. It improves mental health.
  1. Chikoo is rich in latex, which is used by dentists to fill tooth cavities.
  1. Folic acid present in chikoo helps in formation of red blood cells. Chikoo supports in development of fetus during pregnancy.
  1. A paste made with chikoo fruits and flowers prevents pulmonary
  1. Chikoo can be eaten with skin. It helps in maintenance of good health.
  1. Potassium in chikoo regulates blood pressure and blood circulation.
  1. Chikoo prevents water retention in the body by maintaining water content
  1. Chikoo helps in removing toxics from the body through frequent urination. It helps in removing body wastes. It protects kidneys and also supports in removal of kidneyand bladder stones.

Side Effects Of Chikoo:

Though Chikoo is a great source of nutrients, it has a few side effects which have to be taken care of, while eating chikoo.

100 – 120 grams of chikoo can be eaten per day depending on the requirements of the person’s age weight and sex.

  1. Overeating of chikoo may cause increase in weight due to high calories.
  2. Overeating may cause discomfort and pain in abdomen.
  3. Eating raw chikoo may cause same effects as it causes to children, like itching in throat, breathing problems and mouth ulcers.

Chikoo Fruit During Pregnancy:

  1. Chikoo helps in reducing weakness in pregnant women.
  2. It provides instant energy and offers relief against nausea and dizziness during pregnancy.
  3. It is considered for good for both pregnant and feeding mothers.

Tips To Buy & Store Chikoo

  • Always select fresh and ripened chikoos. Ripeness of chikoo can be tested by pressing it gently with fingers.
  • Select chikoos which are in good shape and color.
  • Avoid rotten, hard and spotted chikoos.
  • Chikoo can be stored at room temperature for a few days.
  • Chikoo should be stored in a cool and dry place.
  • Chikoo can be stored in refrigerator at a low temperature for a week.
  • After buying, It is best to consume chikoos within 3-4 days.
  • Raw chikoos when stored in a rice of bag for two days can be ripened.

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