Growing Flaming Glorybower or Glory tree

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For a garden lover, it is the most important thing that the garden is always full of different attractive colors in all the seasons. If you are also a person who loves some colors in their backyards, then Flaming glorybower is a good option for you.

Glory tree or Flaming glorybower is a woody or semi woody evergreen vine or running shrub growing up to 12 ft or more that climbs by twining. It is botanically known as Clerodendrum splendens. The leaves are oval shaped and are arranged in opposite pairs. Flowers are scarlet or brilliant red in color (sometimes white), across and borne in dense terminal clusters.

Growing and care tips

This coarse-textured evergreen climber is popular in warm, humid climates and can be used as an evergreen screen on a trellis or wall.

Sunlight- The plant loves full sun but grows well with some shade during the hottest parts of the day.

Soil- It can be grown in any soil type but grows well in well drained sandy or loam soil. The plant can tolerate the soil pH ranging between acidic to neutral.

Watering- Average watering but frequent watering in summer is required.

Plant height- 12 ft or more

Temperature- It requires a minimum temperature of 10o C (50o F).

Flowering time- The peak flowering period of the plant is during December and January.

Propagation- It is propagated from softwood cuttings in spring season or by rooted suckers.

Plant type- Vine


Problems related to the its growth and care

Under ideal conditions the plant can be invasive and difficult to care.

Glory tree cannot tolerate frosts.


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