Crape Jasmine Plants, Growing and Care

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Crape jasmine is a pretty little shrub with a rounded shape and pinwheel flowers reminiscent of gardenias. Rising 8 feet high, crepe jasmine plants grow some 6 feet wide, and look like rounded mounds of shiny green leaves. Crepe jasmine plants are not very demanding, and that makes crepe jasmine care a snap.

Growing Tips :

Crepe jasmines thrive outdoors in warm climates like those found in USDA plant hardiness zones 9 through 11. Although the shrubs look elegant and refined, they are not at all picky about soil as long as it is well drained.

If you are growing crepe jasmine, you can plant the shrubs in full sun or partial shade. They require regular irrigation to keep the soil moist. Once the root systems are established, they require less water.

Crepe jasmine care is reduced if you are growing the plant in acidic soil. With slightly alkaline soil, you’ll need to apply fertilizer regularly to prevent the shrub from gettin gchlorosis. If the soil is very alkaline, crepe jasmine care will include more frequent applications of fertilizer.


Medicinal use:

The roots have a bitter taste. They are used in Ayurvedic medicine as an anthelmintic for ascariasis and a treatment for scabies. The young stems are also good for the teeth, the latex being applied, on a cotton pellet, to teeth with dental caries.       

In mainland South East Asia an infusion of the roots is used as an antipyretic.In the Malay Peninsula a sweetened infusion of the leaves is used as a cough medicine, the pounded roots are applied externally for eye diseases (unspecified) and an unspecified part of the plant is mixed with other herbs to make a medicinal snuff for treating nasal ulcers.In Indonesia a decoction is used as an astringent anti-diarrheal.   On Ambon Island the root is used to treat internal poisoning (poison unspecified), kidney stones and (in combination with two other plants) lumbago.On the Mentawai Islands, west of Sumatra, the latex is one of the ingredients in an arrow poison.

The plant has been reported to contain a variety of alkaloids, including, in the bark of the stem and root: tabernaemontanine, coronarine, coronaridine and dregamine. Of these, coronaridine shows promise as a potential treatment for opiate and cocaine addiction.


Caring of plant :

Plant care

 Plant with either top soil or organic peat moss in combination with composted cow manure as soil amendments.

The crape jasmine tree needs regular waterings. Trim occasionally to shape.

Fertilize in spring, summer and autumn with a good quality fertilizer high in phosphorus (or supplement with bone meal or liquid) to promote maximum bloom.

Plant spacing

A jasmine tree can be placed close to the house – as near as 3 or 4 feet away. If you’re planting a row or grouping, place them 3 to 5 feet apart.

Crapes will grow in large containers as long as watering is regular and sufficient.

Landscape uses for the crape jasmine tree

  • understory planting amid tall palms and trees
  • backdrop plant for smaller shrubs and flowers
  • focal point near the entry
  • accent tree for the corner of the house or to highlight any architectural element
  • shade or privacy for patio or pool areas
  • lining a walkway or fence
  • to add height and interest to blank walls
  • near a birdbath and/or feeder to provide shelter
  • in pairs flanking a gate
  • anchor plant for a garden bed

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